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Chamber Of Commerce Awards


Comco Environmental has been selected as a finalist in the 2012/2013 Drogheda Business Excellence Awards. 

It is a great achievement to reach the final of the 2012/2013  business awards undertaken by Drogheda Chamber of Commerce.  Given the high standards of the many entrants to be selected was especially gratifying.



SEA-PT 2012

Shannon Estuary Anti Pollution Team event, Brews Bridge Beach, Kilrush, April 19th 2012

Comco Environmental attended the 2012 SEA-PT exercise . 


 In conjunction with SEA-PT (Shannon Estuary Anti-Pollution Team),Clare County Council and ESB Moneypoint an oil spill response exercise was held at Brews Bridge beach, Kilrush, Co Clare approx. 5 km west of Kilrush, on the 19th of April, 2012 The participants were staff from Clare Co Council, a number of other local authorities, and a number of private and semi-state organisations.


The first day of the exercise was held primarily at Moneypoint ESB generation station and comprised of simulating the first alert of oil pollution, anticipating the likely movement of the oil, and planning the response in detail. The second day was spent at Brews Bridge Beach, operating the various items of machinery and equipment appropriate for removing or otherwise treating the oil, and simulating the actions necessary to deal with the oil and to manage waste.




Comco Environmental demonstrated the ease at which its S-200 solution encapsulated spilled oil on water and removed its sheen and viscosity within minutes. Spilled fuel on the ground was also sprayed and completely eradicated using this US EPA endorsed product.





Also demonstrated were the NASA Hall of Fame PRP (Petroleum Remediation Products) product range that includes the PRP powder, the BioSok and Bioboom. These products take up and encapsulate spilled oil allowing the pollutant to bioremediate in situ.


A particular aspect of the Brews Bridge sight was the row of shell fish beds out in the bay. In a real life oil spill these could all be protected by simply placing Biobooms around them. The Biobooms would attract the pollutant inside its matrix and keep it away from the shellfish. The pollutant inside the matrix would bioremediate itself into water and CO2. Modern technology can now protect fauna and flora,

Cost of cleanup following Limerick oil spill to exceed €500,000

Comco Environmental estimates that the cost of using  a combination of S200 solution and PRP Biobooms could have eradicated this oil spill for a fraction of the cost. Using the latest in oil removal technologies, Comco Environmental would have


  1. Placed PRP powder on top of the oil leak source
  2. Placed a Bioboom inside a standard boom just downstream of the leak source
  3. Placed a bioboom at water intake pipes of industry & the water treatment plant
  4. Placed Biodoks at strategic lull locations (where currents emerge) on the river
  5. Treated any visible oil on the river with S200 solution.


Time Frame :several hours :

Result: Total elimination of spilled hydrocarbons


By Gerard Fitzgibbon
Published on Saturday 14 April 2012 16:00     Limerick Leader

 THE FINAL cost of cleaning up a disastrous oil spill in West Limerick earlier this year is likely to exceed €500,000, Limerick County Council believes.


In January as many as 1,500 homes and businesses were left without water after 2,000 litres of oil spilled into the River Deel at the Crecora Mills plant in Castlemahon.

The council was forced to provide water tankers in Askeaton, Creeves, Kilcornan, Foynes and Shanagolden as the public water supply was restricted for over two weeks.


Tom Tarpey of Limerick County Council, who is co-ordinating the investigation into the incident, said that the total cost of the spill is still being calculated, but is likely to exceed €500,000.

Mr Tarpey said that while tackling the spill itself required a significant outlay in terms of manpower, overtime and materials, the cost of providing emergency water supplies to much of West Limerick “exceeded” that of the clean up itself.

Limerick County Council are currently in discussion with the company’s insurers about recouping these cost, and are also exploring the possibility of legal action.

Cllr Jerome Scanlan said that whoever is found to be responsible for the spill, the county council should not be left to pick up the bill.

“The bottom line is, Limerick County Council doesn’t have half a million euro to cover the cost of this. The onus is on the business to have adequate cover, if it is proved that it’s liable. Whoever is found to be responsible, the rate payers of County Limerick shouldn’t be asked to pay for this.”

The spill took place on January 18 after 2,000 litres of oil entered a 600 metre water course before flowing into a tributary of the Deel, which is the source of much of West Limerick’s drinking water.

A specialist oil contamination firm had to be hired to oversee the clean up of the river, particularly in a one kilometre stretch of the Lisheenine. While the spill did not cause any significant fish kills or other environmental damage, it forced the council to cut off water to much of West Limerick.

Water had to be tankered in to schools, nursing homes and creches in Askeaton, while the Askeaton Leisure Centre had to be opened after hours to allow locals to use showers.

Production at the Pfizer plant in Askeaton had to be temporarily suspended, while many bars, restaurants and small businesses were also hit.

Cllr Scanlan said that the wide impact of the spill highlighted just how vulnerable and under-funded County Limerick’s water network is.

“As far as Pfizer is concerned, 100% quality water is required there. Water is the number one priority. If we can’t guarantee quality water, we’re not going to bring business into this country

“The problems that this spill caused should be a clear warning”.