Prevents dirty diesel by eliminating  microbial contamination and preventing microbial growth and associated corrosion in tanks and fuel lines and sludge formation.

GrotaMar 82®  replaces the previous product GrotaMar71®

·         specifically developed for modern diesel fuels including low sulphur diesels and fuels containing biodiesel

·         new protective formula to prevent premature oil degradation caused by ageing

·         fast and highly effective against bacteria, yeasts and moulds

·         excellent long-term protection for fuel tank, pipes and engine

·         excellent solubility and dispersion in all types of diesel fuels, heating oils (including B0-B20) and biodiesel

·         no corrosive combustion products

·         effectively protects steel, aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals against corrosion

·         easier more efficient dosing : Shock dose 1 llitre to 1000 litres of fuel and preventative dose 1 litre to 4000 litres of fuel.





 Drain any water or sludge from the tank as thoroughly as possible and then add grotamar® 82 directly. It is not necessary to dissolve grotamar® 82 before adding it and no further mixing is required.

Grotamar® 82 disperses quickly and evenly in the fuel. The dosage must be based on the total volume of fuel to be treated.

If operational problems, such as filter blockage, have been experienced or when fuel is visibly contaminated, we recommend shock dosing. For effective remediation of the tank, a preventative dose should be added at the next fuelling following the shock dosing. After adding grotamar® 82, dead microorganisms may clog the fuel filter and additional filter changes may be required.

If biomass has accumulated on the tank floor or is adhered to the tank walls, the fuel system (tank, pipes, filters) should be cleaned before treatment with grotamar® 82. This will minimise the chance of recontamination.

Dosing Instructions and Method of Use

Shock dosing:
(Follow application instructions):
1 bottle of grotamar® 82 (1 l) per 400 l fuel

Add 1/5 bottle (200 ml) per 200 l fuel every
time the tank is refilled

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Keep out of reach of children.


Who should use GrotaMar82


  • ·          Fuel importers and refiners
  • ·          Fuel distribution terminals, depots and bunkering facilities
  • ·          Bus and truck fleet operators and other fuel users
  • ·          Power generators
  • ·          Oil formulators and oil users
  • ·          Ship operators
  • ·          Agricultural and construction industry
  • ·          Naval vessels and military ground vehicles


What are the advantages?

  • A broad activity spectrum against bacteria (including SRB), yeasts and moulds.
  • Fast acting.  Kills and controls microbial contamination within hours of application.
  • Good solubility in fuels, oils and water.  Disperses readily.
  • Concentrates in any water in fuel / oil systems (which is where the microbes live).
  • Prevents and disperses bio-sludges on tank and system surfaces and in the fuel/oil and water.
  • Good anti-corrosive properties.
  • Low concentrations provide long lasting and economical protection against re-infection.
  • Excellent compatibility with fuels, oils, additives and system components.
  • Completely combustible in fuels with no corrosive combustion products.
  • GrotaMar 71® is pure organic active ingredient. Contains no inorganic constituents, sulphur, nitrate, nitrosing agents or chlorine.
  • Rapidly and completely biodegradable.  Dilutions of GrotaMar 71® do not interfere with sewage or effluent treatment plants. Has no effect on AOX value. CEFAS Gold Banner status (Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme).
  • Approved for use by many engine and original equipment manufacturers; MAN, MTU, DAF, Mercedes-Benz AG, Kässbohrer and others.
  • Used by major oil companies, fuel suppliers and ship and vehicle operators worldwide.
  • NATO Codified and u sed by military services.



Approvals & Recommendations

Mercedes Benz AG - has been tested and approved for use in diesel fuels • German NATO – stock no. 6850-17-9179543 • German armed forces supply No. 68 50-12-333 7409 •UK Codified, UK NATO stock number NSN 6840-12-370-0291 •Shell Netherlands uses GrotaMar71® for the preservation of diesel fuel • Dr. G. Armstrong School of Marine Technology,Newcastle University • DAF Netherlands recommends GrotaMar71® for contaminated diesel fuel • Kässbohrer company, vehicle manufacturer, Ulm – GrotaMar71® has been approved • MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG - GrotaMar71® has been tested and approved • MTU – Friedrichshafen – listed as an approved biocide •


Environmental information

At a sufficient degree of dilution, GrotaMar71® is completely biodegradable (method: OECD 301D / EEC 84/449 C6). Dilutions of GrotaMar 71® do not interfere with the operation of municipal sewage treatment plants. GrotaMar71® contains no organic chlorine compounds, so that there is no effect on the AOX value as a result of GrotaMar71® in the waste water. GrotaMar71® is halogen-free, and can therefore be used in accordance with the 19th German Law on the Prevention of Emissions, which prohibits chlorine and bromine compounds. GrotaMar 71® contains no organic solvents. The canisters and drums used by Schülke & Mayr are made of polyethylene (HDPE) and are labelled accordingly. The 1000 kg - containers are covered by a return scheme that in Europe ensures collection of the used containers free of charge and appropriate re-use. The labels are made of PE. S&M packaging materials contain no PVC and can be recycled.• Department of Trade and Industry, Aberdeen - In the „Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme List of Notified Chemicals“ (HOCNS) GrotaMar71® is classified with „Gold Banner“ (CEFAS).

GrotaMar71® GrotaMar82® are registered trade marks of Schulke & Mayr GmbH.