Prevention is better than cure is a saying that has great relevance in oil spill incidents.


Comco Environmental provides safety audits that access the danger of fuel spills and offer consulting, training, products and services to help minimise the risk.

Our services cover many sectors including industry, construction, Petro-Chemical, Nautical, Shell Fish and Fish Farming, Ports, Airports and transport hubs.



Bioboom attracts & eradicates spilled oil

Accidental oil spills can lead to inspections, fines and disruption of work. Comco Environmental provides a number of products and services to the that help to prevent, retain and eradicate such incidents. We can provide training to Environmental / Project managers in the correct use of these products.

  • S200 bioremediation liquid can be sprayed directly onto any fresh oil spill. It bonds with the oil and converts it into carbon dioxide and water. !00% environmentally safe, plant and animal friendly.
  • PRP crystals can be applied directly to any spills of heavy oil. These crystals are capable of bonding with spilled oil and gathering the contaminate up within its matrix where it is eliminated.
  • Biobooms are booms of various lengths that are filled with PRP crystals. They can be placed at areas of critical importance such as in between a site and a water source. Here they will gather any oil that comes in contact into its matrix where it will be neutralized. No residue is left over.
  • S200 Bioremediation liquid also act as a fire retardant.


Many industrial facilities gather waste oil in oil water separator units where once a sufficient quantity of contaminate is gathered, an external contractor is hired to extract the content and transport it to an external facility for treatment. This process is

  • Time consuming.
  • Expensive.
  • Prone to accidental secondary spills.
  • Represents a fire hazard to insurance companies.

Products and services provided by Comco Environmental work on the basis of eradicating the spilled oil within the separator chamber, thus eliminating the afore mentioned complications.

 Separator units come in various sizes, the standard unit having three internal compartments.  Depending on the size of the unit and the quantity of oil gathered we would install a bioboom containing PRP bioremediation crystals into section 1 and section 2 of the unit.

  • The biobooms attract the oil inside its matrix and eradicate the contaminate in situ thus eliminating the need to drain the units.
  • The biobooms change the oil into carbon dioxide and water. There is no residue left over.
  • Over time, the PRP crystals are used up in breaking down the oil. It is time to replace the bioboom when you are left with empty cotton outer which you can simply put into any standard dustbin.
  • No residue, No toxicity – all you are left with is water