S-200 eradicates 99.99% of domestic heating oil spill over a five week period. Readings were taken in October and November 2011. No need to dig and haul away the soil.  Cost effective, safe and efficient.   




On the 27th of September, 2011, S-200 is applied to the surface area around the tank. The primary objective is to eradicate the pungent smell of spilled kerosene that is overwhelming the vicinity. This should take no more than 24 - 48 hours to achieve.











1 week later


On the 3rd of October, 2011, a week later, the pungent smell of spilled oil is completely gone. The S-200 has eradicated the smell both from the soil around the tank and from the cement block work of the tank base. The S-200 has also eradicated the majority of the oil that was on the ground surface.









Soil samples were taken from two boreholes, five weeks apart and the analytical results show that 99.99% of the contaminated was bioremediated over that period.


























17th October, 2011. Having identified the quantity and location of the spilled Kerosene (Fitz Scientific Analysis), the soil is dug into ridges for spraying with S-200













20th October 2011, the majority of the oil spill is gone, only one or low small traces of oil can be found. This picture shows the soil just after spraying with S-200












28th October, 2011. The grass sods that had been covered with oil are now fully repaired. No damage to flora or fauna occurs with S-200.












 28th October, 2011, The grass at the boundary to the spill is recovering.


S-200 is 100% environmentally friendly and does not damage plants or animals. S-200 actually benefits soil as it adds to the microbial activity within it. This benefits plan growth. The industrial cleaning of contaminated soil, typified by the “Dig & Haul” method, may harm the microbial activity within the soil if chemical cleaners are used. 









December 2011- Having received the scientific analysis that 99.99% of the Kerosene has been removed, the restoration of the garden is concluded.











County Council and client satisfied.


Little inconvenience suffered.


No need to haul soil away.


Fast & Effective.


Save to use, non harmful to flora & fauna.


Cost efficient.